Prepress is the process a document must go through before it can be printed. Different steps are involved in this process like proofreading, editing, layout, scanning, color separation and other graphics related activities. Typesetting involves the presentation of textual material in graphical form. We have a team of professionals who take care of different steps involved in typesetting services.
Our team of professional paginators, proof readers and quality control personnel ensure error free project delivery. We work closely with the publisher and associate to take complete accountability of the project from the manuscript stage to the final production stage.
Input can be sent to us in any format including Word, ASCII, coded ASCII, PDF, Tiff, or hardcopy (scanned/typed). Typesetting services include processing books in the following categories:

  • Books: Scientific, technical, medical, academic, novel and fiction.
  • Journals: Scientific, technical, medical, educational, humanities
    and social science.

Layout Software:

  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • QuarkXpress
  • Micro Soft Word
  • Latex

Composition - Template Creation

We use multiple platforms for composition depending on the complexity and dynamics of the project. Our team has the expertise to handle any complex artwork task such as digital illustration, charts, conversion, graph, map, redraws and chemical structure. We have the expertise to operate on the following pagination software:

  • QuarkXpress: This software is used for typesetting straightforward text as well as heavily designed and illustrated multi-colour text.
  • Indesign : One of the most friendly usage software and itself having graphic options.
  • Framemaker: Academic titles, non-math text pagination for both plain texts as well as a fully structured workflow is processed using this software.
  • Tex/Latex: We use this tool for handling text that contains complex mathematical equations.
  • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/CorelDraw: We use these tools as part of our art creation and scanning service for processing image to complement your book design and textual content.

Mathematics software:

  1. In Math for Indesign CS3 for Mac Application
  2. In Math for Indesign CS2 for Window based application
  3. Latex for PC
  4. Math type for both platforms (Window and Mac)