Project Management

Our project managers guide the entire project from receipt of manuscript to final printer files. The publisher is brought in only when exceptions arise. Our project management services include pre-delivery typescript assessment, copyediting, typesetting, proofreading, artwork creation, indexing, communication with authors, managing permissions, working with the client’s freelance copyeditors/indexers, creating jackets, and providing regular status updates on the project to the client.
Our project management team has in depth knowledge of the typesetting and electronic publishing industry with excellent communication and coordination skills. We can manage varied projects including books and journals and cover all aspects of production such as initial check composition, artwork, proofreading, quality check, indexing etc. Our project management process includes:

  • Manage and coordinate the project starting from receipt of notes from the publisher to dispatch of final files.
  • Project analysis and workflow development.
  • Share the planned schedule with the publisher to meet the deadline as indicated.
  • Liaison with the core team involved in the project including authors, editors, publishers and associates.
  • Handle queries related to the project.
  • Keep track of manuscript and page proof.
  • Follow-up and schedule delivery.
  • Skilled workforce and high quality infrastructure at minimum cost.
  • Effective communication and quick response
  • Process defined work flow.
  • Quick and effective responses to client queries

The received materials are analyzed and a job ticket is created. This is then passed on to the production team.
We have a team of dedicated professionals to serve our customers. We are eager to keep in touch with them to know about their feedbacks.


  1. FTP Server
  2. High processor server and system
  3. Both PC and Mac Machine
  4. Totally dedicated and knowledge persons in all areas.